Fiamma Burger

The Place: Fiamma Burger


1309 Railroad Ave.
Bellingham, Wa. 98225


Sun. -Thurs. 11am-9:30pm
Fri.- Sat. 11am-10:30 pm

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So I was in downtown Bellingham and hungry, I didn't know what I wanted to eat but knew I wanted something I hadn't had in a while, not the Terriyaki Bar, I wanted something quicker, not Taco Del Mar, not Avenue Bread, what was it I was wanting? Maybe a cheese burger? Yeah I  think that's what I wanted something with ooey gooey cheese. It was either that or AB Crepes which I've been wanting to try since they opened but after thinking about a cheese burger I just couldn't do it so I headed straight over to Fiamma burger. In all my time here in Bellingham I've only been to Fiamma Burger three time most of this has to do with the price. Fiamma Burger is not your average fast food burger joint, this is where you go when you're craving quality or something a little off the beaten path and don't mind paying the extra cash. Now when I say off the beaten path I don't mean they have all kinds of off the wall toppings or a special way of cooking them like you sometimes see on the Food Network where they are deep frying the burgers in the same grease they've been using for the last 100 yrs. or so. No, there are two things that make Fiamma off the beaten path, their commitment to good quality local sourced food as well as the environment. They really do everything they can to think of the future and the impact on it and make it as easy as possible for their customers to recycle as much as they can and they use as many reusable items as possible, like the round metal tins we had our food brought to us in. (I was here with Vorel as we would be making a trip to Joann's Crafts later) You might think that eating somewhere so green might not be easy on the eyes but the place has a totally modern, youthful feel to it with lots of light wood and an out door seating area to enjoy the nice days out in Bellingham. Also has one of the nicest bathrooms in downtown Bellingham or anywhere in Bellingham for that matter that isn't an actual home.

But I'm starting to ramble so back on topic the second is the variety of burger patties they offer, if your ever feeling adventurous about your burger you can get anything from a lamb or veggie burger to a bison or salmon burger. You can even add a fried egg to your burger. Me I decided to go with a good old fashioned bacon cheese burger and Vorel got the same.

We both got just a burger which was $6.75 each but I added cheese to mine which came up to $7.25 and we ordered a small fry to share and no drink to help save on money. All in all it came up to just over $20.00 for two burgers and a fry, Yikes! But it was so worth it. :) The cheese they put on the burgers is cheddar jack and man oh man did it taste so good melting over that beef patty (which by the way did I mention they hand grind themselves?) and that bite of crispy bacon. Yummy! Not the best bacon I've had in a burger before but still up there. Even with the price sitting here right now typing this I'm starting to drool that was a seriously good hamburger and while I didn't have an actual craving for a cheese burger if I did this would have satisfied it to a T. Great job Fiamma burger one of the best burger joints in town that I've tried so far. Also the fries were great crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside and good enough to try to eat while super hot and burn your tongue on.

Pros: Great burgers with creative options and eco-friendly.
Cons: Not so friendly on the wallet.

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