Little Tokyo

The Place: Little Tokyo

Where: Barkley Village

2915 Newmarket Place
Bellingham, WA 98226

When: Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday 12 noon-9 p.m. Now Open on Sundays

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So, here is my first taste at a restaurant for the new year. I know I've been gone from here for a long time, December was a crazy for me because I was working sooo much I barely had time to do any shopping for Christmas. I hope that you all had great holidays. :D

So Little Tokyo was not at all what I was thinking it would be, I've always wanted to try it out since I pass by it all the time but it was so tiny and had $1.00 sign on the window so I  was really afraid it would be terrible, I mean $1.00 sushi, how can that be good?

I have to let you all know that I have no pictures for this place because the lights were low so they all came out terrible. We went this Wednesday so there was a sushi special going on during the happy hour there so most of the sushi we ordered was under $3.00. Only the nigiri is on special for happy hour, Nigiri is the type of  sushi where the fish or other item lays on top of the rice rather than being wrappped in rice, for those who might not be sure what nigiri is.

My first impression when I walked in is that it was actually a nice place with tasteful and simple design. The whole place was very clean and all the tables simply arranged with napkins and chopsticks gracefully resting on the chopstick holders. At the very entrance there is a small sushi bar with only about three or four seats where you can sit instead of tables which were in the main dining room to the left.

My fiance and I were the ones eating out this time since we just got back from seeing Django Unchained at the movies. Which by the way we really enjoyed, it does have a lot of blood splatter though so if you're squeamish this may not be the best movie for you. My finace had been here before so her knew what he wanted and how good they were already. I unfortunatelt had scraped the top of my mouth badly an bit the side of my tounge which is now swollen from rubbing against my teeth so it has been rather painful for me the last few days to eat anything solid so I was looking forward to some miso soup.

Miso soup was the first thing we ordered and after that we ordered so unagi (eel) sushi, tamago (egg) sushi, (both of which are nigiri) and on my fiance's reccomendation the Golden California Roll. Both the unagi and tamago sushi can with two pieces for the specail price and the california came with six. I also ordered the Oyaka Don (under the Donburi section) which was boneless chicken with onions, green onions and egg simmered over rice.

The miso soup was nice, my fiance thinks it is up there with the best, it had a lot of tofu with only a few actual chunks and broth that was quite flavorful and well seasoned. I enjoyed it quite a bit but I don't know if I can say its the best I've ever had, I'll have to give it another try when my mouth isn't so messed up. The soup came out quickly and the donburi came out soon after we finished with the miso. The last to come out was the sushi and that was the first thing we ate. We shared the california roll and each ate our special sushi, mine was tamago and my fiance's was the unagi.

I was not expecting the golden california to come tempura battered and deep fried but let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I know what you all must be thinking, deep fried sushi, that sounds kinda gross and definitely fattening but they were so good. I never thought that I would like sushi that was warm but I devoured them as quickly as I safely could with my mouth the way it is. Of course  you never have to worry about it being greasy either since tempura is very light and tends to be pretty dry. I may never go back to regular sushi because it was just that good.

Now on to the tamago sushi because this was really interesting to me. Every time I have had tamago it always looked and tased the same. It looks bright and perfect yellow, a light and fluffy brick of egg that is sweet and delicious. This tamago was different, I think this one was also more authentic too. I've seen how tamago is made in a sushi place in Japan. It's made in a special square pan where they pour a thin layer of egg that is fried till just solid then very carefully flipped in small segments till it is basically rolled up in a small flat log in one corner of the pan and then more egg is added to the rest of the pan and the process is repeated until it forms a respectable sized brick the sliced and placed over the sushi rice. In this tamago I believe it is more authenric because I could actually very faintly see the rings or the layers of rolled egg and it actually tasted slightly like and amlete, albiet a somewhat sweet one. Just the way it is supposed to be versus a too bright and perfect literal brick of egg I normally get. For that and the deep fried sushi alone I already love this place.

Getting to my donburi I forgot to mention that it was served with oicked cucumbers and pickled dikon radish (at least that is the theroy since I've never really tried it before and forgot to ask what it was). I enjoyed both which had a nice sweetness to it. Also the cucumbers, which aslo had some beansprouts mixed in, were cut like pickles rather than in thin shaved pieces and the radish was nice not very radish-y at all but had a very slight citrus taste. The chicken in the dish was nice and tender in a light terriyaki sauce, the onion was cooked till sweet ut I was a little disapointed with the egg as it did not really seem to add much to the dish. I've had eggs cooking over rice that was much better but the dish as a whole was good.

I also learned as I was leaving this place that it was actually recommened by trip advisor in 2010 so it is already well know for providing great food and I needn't have avoided it for so long, if only I'd actually just approached to door rather than looking at it from afar.

Anyways I hope you guys and I find plenty of yummy things to eat this year and lots of good friends to eat them with. Happy New Year everyone.

Recap: Great sushi and amazing deep fried sushi and good non-sushi options, decent service and prices. Wednesday - Sushi Happy Hour 5-7 pm

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