Tuxedo Cake - Mini Review

So I did mention that if I had something worth it that I would write a mini review of it, well I found something so delicious and decadent that I had to share it. Its actually a dessert this time too! :) One of my good friends That Bastard, from The Bellingham Jerk blog, introduced me to it and man is it amazing! Its called Tuxedo Cake and we got a big log of it from Costco since he insisted it was so delicious that we had to try it. This cake is absolutely divine. It has five layers of chocolate heaven. Now if you are a chocolate lover I have to let you know that while this cake is all chocolate it isn't intense, it doesn't have an intense chocolate flavor.

The first layer is a smooth layer of swirled dark milk and white chocolate that just caresses the tongue and melts in your mouth, and white chocolate curls on top as well.
The second layer is super moist chocolate cake that has a wonderful texture, its always so cool and moist. After that is a thick layer of white chocolate mousse (I'm not actually sure if it is a mousse but I'm not sure what else to call it) I believe that there is also cream cheese with the white chocolate giving it a smooth satiny texture. Suspended in the white chocolate cheese cake mousse are large drops of dark (bittersweet?) chocolate. Now the texture of these are kinda like small chocolate kisses that were melted slightly, they are soft like they are melted but hold their own shape. In fact the taste and texture reminds me more of a fudge brownie rolled lightly in dark chocolate powder. This is where you will get a more intense chocolate taste. Underneath that is a layer of milk chocolate mousse that brings in some lightness to the cake. The last layer is once again that moist chocolate cake. It might just be me but I feel like there is some cherry some where in there, its really subtle and doesn't really taste like cherry at all but has a hint of the sourness somewhere in there but it might just be from the cream cheese.

All in all this is a five layer symphony of chocolate each layer and each type of chocolate treated differently so you get different facets of chocolatey flavor in each bite yet all perfectly balanced to play off each other but never be overwhelmed by just one flavor. This cake is rich enough to weigh you down like you've eaten a whole meal after just a slice so I suggest getting smaller pieces and really making this thing last. I think this cake would be great as a dessert for a special celebration, its definitely something that is sophisticated and will impress friends and family.

I do have to mention the price, at Costco for the whole log it is $20.00 so it is kind of expensive but well worth it. I hear that they also sell this cake at Haggens in smaller slices but I have yet to see that for myself. I would definitely recommend trying this cake and seeing for yourself what it is like, I really enjoyed it and you will too.

Also in other news I have started a new blog for my artsy creative side, its a photoblog of photos I take of my friends. We dream up different shoots we'd like to try and then do our best to make it happen and take photos of it. We just started so I hope you will go over there and see the photos, eventually I'd like to add some cosplay and involve more people and do more elaborate sets. If you're interested in joining me please feel free to contact me on my blog and let me know. http://jadedshots.blogspot.com/ Disclaimer: Just understand that I don't view nudity as a bad thing so keep in mind not all pictures may be appropriate for those under 18 and I am in no way a professional photographer I mostly use the camera on my phone to take them. :) Have a good day and enjoy something yummy today.

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  1. 16 bucks at Costco. :D And it's still one of the best things you can put in your mouth.

    So rich. So fucking good.

    Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, time to go get a small slice. :3

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    It was horrible, tasted like cheesecake and I don't do cheesecake and the label doesn't state Tuxedo Cheesecake. Don't buy it if you don't like cheesecake....

  4. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't taste anything like cheesecake.

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