Two Mini Reviews and some Exploration

So today is mini review or a highlight for some places to grub in Fairhaven plus just an exploration of the city so I hope you'll bear with me for this long post because there are some reviews in there.

The Place 1: Papa's Sweets!
Papa's Sweets on Urbanspoon

Where: Historic Downtown Fairhaven other wise known has far south Bellingham

Bonus: This place can do birthday parties and other private events.

1102 Harris Avenue
Bellingham, Wa 98225

When: Mon-Sat:  11:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sundays:  12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Place 2: Win's Drive-In
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1315 12th St,
Bellingham, Wa. 98225


Monday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m

 Rainy Day Exploration:

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 Yesterday was a beautiful day. Coming from a person who has lived most of their life in Southern California and is used to the super hot summers there, that is saying something. It was a beautiful cloudy, warm but not muggy with a nice cool breeze and light rain towards the end of the day. I even enjoyed the walk in the rain and I normally don't like the  rain up here even though I enjoyed it in Cali. (Why yes I am weird)

So how did all this walking in the rain come about you might ask? Well it all started for me when my beautiful friend Vorel came over and asked me if I wanted to walk with her up to Fairhaven. I'm lazy though so I compromised and said we'd take the bus there and then we could spend a couple hours walking around. So we took the bus to Boulevard Park and walked up to downtown Fairhaven from there. Speaking of  Vorel she is a friend of mine from Cali. who moved up here as well and she models part time and has her own blog at and for another shameless plug, I also have another blog where I've taken pictures of her and another friend. I plan to post up more of my photo taking adventures with my friends and any props that I will be making for the photo shoot. You can go and check those out at

Now most people who have lived in Bellingham have probably been to Fairhaven a million times before but for me, especially since I'm just starting to get out and explore this town (sadly its taken me 3yrs to do this), its still novel and its such a cute little town with cute little shops. If you ever get a chance to visit Bellingham I would recommend stopping in Fairhaven and checking it out, its technically part of Bellingham but everyone considers it to be separate. Its just a few minutes south of Bellingham.

Anyways to continue on with the story one the most interesting places that we visited was Jelita Arts which is a store that sells antiques and collectibles from around the world. In fact 'jelita' means beautiful in Indonesian. The lady who was there that day I think is the owner, she was very nice and as we walked around looking at things and exclaiming over this and that she told us about many of the products and was very knowledgeable. It was really nice to walk around and look at beautiful things while also learning some of the history behind them, for example she had a day bed or couch (I'm not completely sure which) that was over two hundred years old and hand carved with real jade worked into it. The design was dozens of dragons along the back and arms, it was beautiful.

One of the things I was completely delighted by and fell in love with was a thing called a singing bowl. I had never heard of one of them before and was confused because I thought they were mortar and pestles! She was so nice when she saw that I had no idea what it was she demonstrated it to me. I didn't take any pictures while I was there unfortunately but I can try and describe it for you. It was basically a carved bowl with edges that curve inwards and a wood stick that makes me think of a pestle. She tapped the stick against the bowl then rolled it around the edge and it made a beautiful resonating sound. It was so relaxing and just beautiful to hear, I wish that I could afford to buy one of them. The bowl was made of brass and so were a lot of other things in there, another fun fact that she told me was that brass was what was expensive back then in China, she said there was no gold (or that gold wasn't what was most expensive, I'm not completely sure of what she meant) at that time and brass was king.

I also learned that cinnabar is lacquer and she explained that they create items out of cinnabar by painting layers and layers of lacquer and then carve them, and I thought that lacquer was just a water proof coating. I really recommend this place for nice unique gifts for people who have everything or love to travel and collect items. This place is also interesting to visit if you just want to see different things and take a trip around the world and back in history.

The second place we visited was a little shop called Papa's Sweets, if Jelita Arts was a trip back in time this was a trip into candy land and nostalgia. I felt that the design of the place could use a little more work and some more stock for the back of the store. but it really seems like it could turn into a fun place for children, families and even teens to hangout in. This place sells gourmet and old fashioned candy and there are some really cool things that could make cute gifts and be great for birthday parties for the young and old. There were gourmet caramel corns and chocolates in some surprising flavors as well as lots of flavors of jelly beans, including the pranking kind with delicious flavors like dirt and booger, plus little recipes showing how you can combine flavors to make a certain flavor like chocolate covered cherries. They even had Burt's Every Flavor Bean and Chocolate Covered Frogs from Harry Potter. Totally cool if your into the books and movies. We got quite a few things from there and enjoyed everything.

So because it was raining that day we logically decided to get  some ice cream cones! :) We both got double scoops, I got the small cone and Vorel go the large. I normally get mine in a bowl but I didn't see any there so we just picked waffle cones. We both got one scoop of white chocolate raspberry which I've never seen as an ice cream flavor but we knew we just had to get, then Vorel got cotton candy and I got cookies and cream. Both flavors went surprising well together and we sat on some stairs and ate our ice cream while watching the cars go by. The white chocolate raspberry was good, you could taste the white chocolate but it wasn't too sweet and there was a tangy-ness from the raspberry too. I would definitely get that ice cream again, the cone was surprisingly good too, normally I get a bowl because I don't really care for the hardness of the cone but this one tasted almost home made, still crunchy but soft and a bit sweeter than normal with a nice amount of vanilla flavor. All around a nice cone. It was nice to sit back relax and share a ice cream cone just like children. :)

After stopping there we walked around a bit and smelled something good so we decided to stop by this place called Win's Drive In. I've been craving a good cheese burger lately (maybe its because the fourth of July is coming up so quickly). Since we already ate two scoops of ice cream we decided to get a bacon cheese burger and some fries and share it together. It has everything on it that I wanted and while it wasn't the best burger in the world it was more satisfying then a fast food burger (is it just me or does it seem like the beef quality at fast food places has really gone down hill?). It came with meat, cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato with pickles and a nice sauce mixture that tasted some what like a thousand island dressing to me. It also normally comes with onions but I never get onions on my burger unless their sauteed all the way through or they're onion rings, I have a strong dislike for raw onion.  The bacon was strangely round but it added a nice crunch to the juicy and melt-y goodness of the burger. I do wish that the buns had been toasted though, that would have been really nice, also I think I was craving Baker's Drive Thru from Cali. because I was really wanting some of their signature thousand island dressing on that burger, although what was on it was good too. The fries were good and this really hit the spot. The girl working there was nice too. One thing I wish we had ordered that we didn't see until we sat down inside was deep fried mushrooms. I have had homemade deep fried mushrooms and let me tell you if you've never had them before they are absolutely delicious, just bursting with juice and mushroom flavor. I'm drooling just thinking about them. *Update*

After Win's we finished up our tour by stopping back by Papa's Sweets to get some chocolates, we bought three different chocolates and shared them all. We also bought a  throw back to our childhood, bubble gum cigars (although technically mine were bubble gum cigarettes from my childhood but hey it brought me back there and that's all that mattered). There were only two flavors of cigars that day orange and banana, we both picked banana and boy were they full of sugar! The chocolates that we picked were peanut butter (which we were informed tasted like reese's peanut butter cup but much better), dark chocolate salted caramel, and an interesting balsamic chocolate. The dark chocolate salted caramel was good, I love the ones from Mount Baker Candy Co. and these ones were right up there with them although they both have different flavor dynamics, I felt that in this one the salt didn't pop as much against the chocolate and that the chocolate was less dark than Mount Baker's but the caramel was gooey-er and that really saved it right there. The peanut butter one really tasted just like Reese's but they were better because they tasted homemade with better chocolate and without all those preservatives which tend to give me acid reflux even though I love them. The balsamic chocolates were interesting, very smooth with dark chocolate, definitely worth a try for the sake of trying something new but not sure if it is something I would want to try again.

Like I said before I think this place could use a little more something to really bring it together like some old fashioned signs and some different paint to make it really fun and seem like candy land which is what I was really expecting and would really engage and draw people in. Doesn't have to be too over the top though so that way it stays good for both the young and the old. Oh and more candy, especially of the nostalgic kind. I've been told they also have the best shakes, I'll have to stop in again some time to indulge my inner child again. I've always said there's nothing wrong with acting like a kid again even just for a little while, plus I want to see this place stick around for awhile and transform into something amazing.Hopefully they'll pull it all together soon and we'll really have a great place to go on a warm summer day.

Also one other place I forgot to mention that we visited was Pacific Chef, I love kitchen stuff and I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of their stuff is made in France and they have some pretty nice stuff. It  was a little smaller then I was expecting it to be from the outside. I work at a kitchen store and people are always looking for things that aren't made in China so this is a good place to check out to find things made somewhere else. Sorry I keep going on and on, lol. :)

I hope you enjoyed joining me for my rainy day exploration of Fairhaven, I know this wasn't strictly about food but I enjoyed some good things there and had a good time so I just had to share it with you all. I look forward to another post and I hope you all enjoy something yummy today.


Papa's Sweets: A cool place to try some new sweets and see if you'll find something to take you back down memory lane.
- ice cream for two $8.00
- chocolates and candy $7.30

Wins Drive In: If you're craving a home made burger and some fries this is the place to stop and get it with no sloppiness just a lot of goodness.
- cheese burger and fries

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  1. Aawwww, yah beat me to it~! >XD

    I honestly just tried Win's today and hooooleeeee sheeeeit! SO GOOD!

    No, seriously. As I'll be pointin' out m'self, holy crap this is In n' Out Burger-level goodness. And those fried mushrooms!

    Too freakin' good. :D

  2. Aw, I wish I had tried some of the deep fried mushrooms! You should have brought me some! :( I can't say personally that this was the same as In N' Out but It was pretty good. In N' Out is admittedly one of the few fast food places whose burgers I actually honestly enjoy. Plus they cut and make their own fries right there, can you get any better than that. I think their burgers are a little more juicy than Win's but I enjoyed it anyways. I have to go back there again when I'm craving a burger especially at that price.

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