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The Place:  Best Chopsitcks

Where: Downtown Bellingham WA.

121 Unity St. Bellingham, WA. 98225
(360) 647-2381

Delivery? Yes! In fact they offer free delivery within four miles between 4pm-9pm with a minimum purchase of $20.00
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I have been to best chopsticks before quite a few times and this is one of my favorite places for Chinese food here in Bellingham. I have to admit that I have not really tried a lot of others but this was actually the first Chinese food place that we ever went to after we moved here and we were pleasantly surprised to say the least. We got lucky because this just happened to be within fairly close walking distance of where we lived at that time and definitely the library which we went to constantly. Now this is kinda just a hole in the wall kinda place, its pretty small and seats maybe fifty people or so (if that) but we've learned, from one of the last places we ate sushi at before we moved up here, that little hole in the wall places can be some of the best places to get good food especially if they have been around forever. This is definitely a place you either sit down and eat like a restaurant or take with you to go, this is not really one of those 'hangout' type of places, it has a very calm steady atmosphere. I have to say that the decorations (while not completely cheesy) are not much to look at but this place isn't about the looks its about the food. If you choose to sit and eat there then you will be served oolong to go along with your meal and the oolong is definitely decent and you also get a choice of soups, egg drop or hot and sour, as well as an egg roll or cheese wonton and white or fried rice. The prices are affordable, ranging from $5.99 - $6.99 for their lunch specials and $7.29 - $8.29 for the dinner specials, their regular meals are more expensive than the dinner specials though. They do have a small section for vegetarian meals and special deals for family meals.

Today as I was ironically coming back from the library (we live much farther away from it now and prefer to take the bus rather than walking) with my friend/roommate when I decided that we should have Best Chopsticks for dinner. As we get closer to the door we start walking faster and faster because we can smell the place and believe me it smells heavenly! I decide to go with one of my old favorites I haven't had in a while which is the Honey Garlic chicken. Yum! And my friend gets just an order of fried rice and I add on some egg rolls and the crab cheese wontons. We were going to eat there but decided to wait until we got home to eat it. Unfortunately as we get to the corner to catch the bus after waiting patiently, albeit hungrily, for our food, we see the bus passing by and have to wait another 15mins. till the next one comes and we can unwrap our delicious bundle. My only issue with waiting was knowing our food was growing slowly colder. It was a pretty cold day today day too. Alas, we finally make it home and get to fall upon our unsuspecting food as though we were starving.

I ate the egg rolls first, they were my friends choice just as the wontons were mine but we both shared them equally. I don't normally eat the egg rolls there because I have a special passion for their wontons, but I'm not against egg rolls in general. Unfortunately this was not a good night for their egg rolls or maybe they are just always like this but, my egg rolls were long, thin, and kinda flat (not nice and plump or round at all) they were also kinda soggy with grease in some spots but nice and crispy in others. Although the crispy parts were thin and flaky on a whole these were just way too greasy for me. The filling itself also left something to be desired. I believe that they were veggie egg rolls and I felt they were not quite filled as full as they should have been which is probably why they seemed flat. There was also another problem with them as well, taste. I just really couldn't taste much but a bit of saltiness now, I wasn't choking from over salting or anything I just think that none of the other flavors really stood out enough to make it taste like anything else.

Onto my meal. When you get a meal to go there they give you more than enough food and this is coming from someone who normally eats quite a bit too. I got one full size to go box filled with nothing but my main entree and a mini one filled with steamed rice. The steamed rice there is always cooked well but not anything extra special its just plain white rice. The garlic chicken however is really good in my opinion I love the kinda savoriness that you get from the garlic mixed with the sweetness of the honey plus the meat is always cooked well with a slightly crispy exterior and there is always some of the honey juice down at the bottom making you meat just a little soggy which, is all good to me because it tastes good. This meal does come with some cooked broccoli but they don't really put much in there since it is not really mentioned as an ingredient, I got maybe five pieces they were every soo slightly over cooked. The only thing I can really say bad about it is that most of the chopped up garlic-y goodness was kinda balled up on the middle rather than spread out all over my chicken so I got a bit more honey for some bites and a bit more garlic for others. Just a word to the light eaters, this is not a light meal, its not a super heavy one either but because of all the sugar from the honey and the coating on the chicken it can end up weighing you down a bit. I don't feel like they made it too over sweet though. So if you are looking for something filling this is definitely the way to go.

Also a few other things I noticed, the boxes with the egg rolls and  the wontons (there was one for each) all came with shredded cabbage at the bottom, I just noticed it and thought it was kinda wasteful. I don't think most people actually eat that (do you?). Its a nice touch but kinda a waste of product and money. If you don't eat this (like me) but want to recycle it you can try mixing it in with any extra rice and eggs for a nice scramble in the morning. :)

Oh and the best for last which I'm sure you all thought I forgot about, the crab wontons. You've already read my review of the egg rolls that were greasy and halfway soggy well, none of that here. The wontons were perfectly fried as always with a thick bubbly crust (is crust the word one would use? lol) which is so un-greasy that you might swear they were baked. The filling is thick and creamy, seasoned perfectly with just a touch of the taste of crab so you definitely know its in there. I hate getting wontons where the outside is either too thin and hard or too thick and under seasoned so it tastes kinda flour-y and doughy. Eck. However even though this has a thick crust it is perfectly crunchy on the outside and just a bit fluffy and chewy on the inside. These are amazing by themselves but become even amazinger (yes I did just go there) when you dip it in their sweet and sour sauce which is what it comes with every time. The sauce is sweet, fruity and tangy, then its like magic. Yep these people are making magic here and you can buy some for yourself too. Hands down they make the best cheese and crab and cheese wontons I have ever tasted. To this date I have never found any better or even near theirs. If you go to this place for one thing and one thing only, go for their wontons you will not regret it, especially since you get six for only about five dollars. Go! What are you waiting for?

Recap: Not too great egg rolls, good honey garlic chicken and amazing out of this world wontons. :) I hope you enjoyed, I know I did. My fortune cookie said: Get ready to do something daring.

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  1. Chopsticks are really awesome to use when eating. Hard to master, but satisfying when you do, eating with chopsticks adds a certain flair to any Asian meal.

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